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A few reasons why your business needs better quality photos

12th July 2019

Apparently we have shorter attention span than a goldfish. Hundreds of decision we make each day are driven by visual cues. According to HubSpot a lot of relationships businesses build with their customers in today’s marketplace, are created through visual experiences. While your logo, choice of website design or even your colour pallet will all contribute to the visual experiences, high quality photography will link your visual identity together.


Fresh photos are of paramount importance to establish your brand identity, grab your customers attention. It can also help you develop loyal and maintain all important and authentic connections. Remember photos are your first impression on a potential client. Great photos will give your personal brand another level of trust and appeal. No matter what size of the business, it’s important to acknowledge that customers spend an immense amount of time researching the company before they make a decision to contact you.



Professional brand photography is so much more than just a way to enrapture your audience. It’s also a solution for helping you to create much stronger brand and enhance every aspect of graphic design. With bespoke photography, you can constantly engage your customers with new evocative images, and form emotional connections through multi-sensory online (and offline) experiences.

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Skimping on Photography is a false economy. 

With all the free high-quality stock images available to download is becoming very tempting to save money on profesional photos and just download a few free ones as this helps to build a profesional brand, right? …

Maybe the cost of a professional photo shoot could be off-putting for some businesses but ask yourself a question: How much is your business worth to you? Budgeting for your photography is equally important as investing in your digital market strategies, your website and your logo. As we have already established, high quality photos are crucial in gaining attention and you only have one chance to make a first impression. If you use low quality photos on your website, which you are using to represent your business, this gives a poor perception of your services and products and a lack of credibility in what you are offering.

‘’Cutting corners on your visual identity increases the risk that you will disconnect with your customers ‘’ Fabrik Brand

There is a time and place for stock photography, but in building a brand, does it really represent who YOU are? A generic photo of a amazing meal can be really enticing, but is it something you have done? Is it using the ingredients you use? A stock photo can give the wrong impression. On the other hand, original, fresh, authentic photos for your brand will give an honest representation of who you are and showcase your product in the way you want it.

A tailor-made photoshoot offers your brand the opportunity to shoot the images you need in a way which is unique to you, rather than a boring image from a library. If you were a novelist, would you give a customer someone else’s book and say, “Mine is a bit like this”?


Bonus: EightySix Studios

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