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Why creative businesses are more than just business?

28th January 2020

Creative businesses are more than just business.

There is overwhelming evidence of the creative sector as an economic driver, however we believe that the true value of the sector is its ability to generate something real and tangible. The relationship between creator and consumer, its not just a commercial transaction; there is also a personal dimension.

When you buy into creative product, weather it is a piece of music, clothes etc, you don’t just but a product, you buy into a story, a journey. Its a set of decisions that have been made about ideas, values and emotions the creator either wants to express or want you to feel.

Last month Sarah was working with super talented Bristol designer and bespoke wedding dressmaker –  Matilda Jaggard. The craft of couture dress making has been a passion of Matilda for a long time. On Matilda website we can read that she loves the process of creating custom made dresses that bring to life the vision and essence of the bride-to-be on the most important day, and we absolutely love the idea of a Wedding dress that is truly cherished and can be passed down for generations to come as a piece of family history.

A bespoke gown is a representation of who you are and is something that  can be passed down from mother to daughter, grandmother to granddaughter.

Have a look at some of the stunning images Sarah took for Matilda. Let us know what you think. 


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