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How to use LinkedIn as photographer ?

28th January 2020

How to use Linkedin as photographer?

Is LinkedIn one of the most overlooked social media networks for creatives? We focus on facebook as everybody is here, instagram, as it just make sense for visual professional… LinkedIn is very often disregarded by creatives as for many people its a tool for building a resume and finding a new job, and believe me you are missing out if you don’t use this platform.

LinkedIn is growing. with over 460 million users. It has lots of tools, tons of potential clients and industry peers that can benefit from your expertise. Its a very powerful tool for making new business connections, generating profitable leads and build your overall brand, and you just can’t ignore it.

Some interesting facts:

Linkedin drives more traffic to B2B blogs and sites. 90% of social traffic was driven by big three network, with half of it coming from LinkedIn. LinkedIn users are active and engaged, over 40% of them logging in daily.

Think about LinkedIn as a place where you can nature both online relationships and strengthen in-person relationships, which can help you with both leads and potential business partners. It is a social networks designed to help business professionals cultivate their careers and build relationships with potential clients and partners.

So don’t ignore your LinkedIn account and out your passion into your profile. Remember any aspect of your life where you want to build your reputation and credibility should be reflected in the way you describe yourself on your profile page. Your LinkedIn headline and summary are your opportunity to show your potential clients what makes you so unique, what defines you as individual.

Make artistic use of Linkedin profile. Visitors might form an opinion of you as photographer based on visuals you use on your profile. As photographer, you can use cover photo space to showcase your work. I tend to change my background photos on weekly basis, using is as a shop window for my photography.

Take things to the next level. Soooo many opportunities here! I post regular updates on my company page, that I share on my main profile to get better reach. Sometimes I post a bit of behind the scene so people can see what we have been up to. Client spotlight, case studies, things that inspire you … Regular updates establish you a visible player in the feed of your connections

Linkedin provides a very useful metrics for tracking engagement so remember TRACK IT! By tracking it, it will give you a clearer idea of which content engages the most with relevant people.

There you have it. LinkedIn is very powerful tool which shouldn’t be dismiss by us creatives.  It will require time investment for sure, but I can guarantee it can take your photography business to the next level. It’s a platform where people engage with content, your pictures included. However, it’s also a platform where creative-minded people make decisions about who they trust and who they want to work with. As a photographer, that’s exactly where you need to be.

If you have any questions feel free to ask us in a comment section below.

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