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How to make more sales from your online shop?

27th January 2020

You spent hours working on your marketing plan. Social media platforms are updated daily. You are trying to engage with your audience, asking them questions, replaying to their messages. You also share your products on all social media platforms, maybe you decided to experiment and try influencer marketing, or you paid somebody to run ad campaigns – but when after all these effort people finally land on your website, but they are not buying! You probably think they don’t like your product, or the price is too high… We have all been there. Questioning our marketing activities, our products and services that we offer.  

However remember that if you are getting good amount of traffic (and the right traffic) to your website, you don’t have marketing issue. You have a conversion issue!  

In other words, when people land in your shop, they are seeing what you offer, they might really like it, but for some reason they are not converting into paying customers. Unfortunately, this can be for a number of reasons! Of course, a clean and beautiful website design is a crucial nowadays, if you want to stay visible in overcrowded market, but if you already have that in place and your conversion rate is bad, there are some other things you can try to encourage sales.

A tip from my brother (my website development guru) is simple: Its worth to try focusing not on getting more customers, but increasing the amount each customer is worth (aka how much each customer spends with you)! This means you can make more money from the same amount of website traffic.

A tip from us at EightySix Studios :


One of the most important parts of a customer’s buying decision is being able to see themselves using or owning the product; does it fit with their style, values, aspirations, life? Rather than just talking about the benefits and how it will make them feel, showing them will be much more powerful.

One of the best ways to do this for e-commerce stores is to invest in ‘lifestyle photography’, where you have professional photos showing your products being used or in situ, in a way that relates to your target customer. This could be a very smart investment (as you can use these on your website and for marketing purposes, use behind the scenes that everybody loves on your Instagram, facebook, and create some stock photos with your products for your blog posts etc), but if you can’t afford this just now…

Ask your customers to share photos of them using their products and what it looks like for them with you.

You could use either or both of these ideas to create a ‘Lookbook’ or ‘Gallery’ on your website; a whole page or space dedicated to showcasing your items in real life (or ‘styled life’) situations, helping potential customers imagine themselves there.

See an example of recent work Abi did for super talented jewellery designer Loren Lewis-Cole . Loren used the images on their website to show what inspired her to create and how YOU can look wearing them, also used photos from this shoot for her Instagram page and Pintrest.

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