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How to get more traffic to your website? (2020) Proven tips (for Beginners)

2nd February 2020
how to get more traffic

Did you know that 90.63% of the content in the web gets no organic traffic AT ALL? (source) Yes, this is correct. Millions of websites worldwide don’t ever get a single visit from Google.

I suppose you don’t won’t to be in these 90%, do you?

In this post I am going to share with you some useful tips that will help you drive organic traffic to your website, especially when you are just starting.

The advice that you will find in this article are 100% proven in practice. Below is an example of a website I built which quickly achieved Top positions in Google:

EightySix Studios SEO
The site you have been viewing is a nice example. It achieved Top positions in Google for local keywords really fast.

In fact, in some cases you can reach 1st Page in Google with no support of SEO expert. From my experience this is true especially for keywords of some niches or local search queries.


Below you can find a few proven tips from me how to get valuable organic (AKA non-paid) traffic to your site!


Master technical and on-site SEO

A few days ago I read that running a perfectly designed website with quality content, backlinks etc. but WITHOUT proper onsite SEO optimisation is like driving Lamborghini car without an engine.

You can think of your on-site SEO as of a preparation of your car for a long trip. You need to ensure that air pressure in tires is just fine, you need to have a full fuel tank before starting a ride and couple of other things thanks to which you can safely reach your destination.

No matter if you work with a professional Software company and they develop your site using cutting edge technologies or you just build a website all by yourself using most basic page builder on the market. Always seek to master site’s on-page SEO.

Proper keyword exposure (don’t mistake with keyword stuffing!), site speed optimisation, high quality, accessible content will make your site shine and stand out from your competition. It will also help Google robots access it and then perhaps rank it high!

SEO Optimisation
I like working with external tools to ensure the sites I build are ready to reach the highest positions. This is a screenshot of Google LightHouse audit on one of my websites.

Be noticed.

Remember this 90+ percent figure from the beginning of the article? If you don’t want to contribute to it, you need to get some backlinks to your site.

Running a website without getting any backlinks is like spending thousands of hours training but never attending any competitions.

Links which point to your website (aka backlinks) are very important factor for your site’s visibility in a search engine (source). Ensure that your site is visible by getting some quality backlinks right after it has been launched:

  • Are you a photographer and a fashion magazine publish photos of yours? Why not ask them to link to your website!
  • Are you a photographer who has been featured in some famous magazine? Perhaps they can link your professional website via their online gallery!
  • Are you running a start-up that is a real game changer and has been discussed in local news a couple of times just this month? Make sure they also link out to your website!

Seek to get QUALITY backlinks in the first months after your site has been launched. Get 20, 25 or 50 of them. Just ensure they all come from quailty sources.


Publish unique evergreen content

Brian Dean from Backlinko, probably one of the best in SEO industry, mentioned that factors like how much time users spend on your website can meaningfully contribute to your positions in Google. Other metrics – especially bounce rate, CTR (clicks vs. views of your site in search engine result page ratio), and visit depth (how many sites users view per a single visit at your page on average) are also important when it comes to your search engine performance. This is what stands behind a popular catchphrase ‘content is one of the most important factors for SEO’.


Publish outstanding, unique, evergreen content to rank at Google top positions! Make best use of your advantages and highlight best content on your website. In case on this site’s where I publish this blog post it will be photography whereas on my personal website I prefer to emphasise written content.


Be an expert, be a blogger

Large portion of traffic to your website will not come from your homepage, portfolio or other landing pages neither.

Blog posts on specific for your niche topics can attract your target audience and potential clients. You may want to forget about this wonderful simple one pagers and rather than that focus on growing your website with valuable blog posts or landing pages that prove your expertise and add value for the visitors.


In what frequency you should post content on your blog? To start with it would be just all right to publish about a one post in a month. The articles that you publish should be thoughtful and deeply examine topic. There are bunch of studies showing long articles have higher potential to reach top positions at Google. I believe it’s more beneficial to write just once a month using the ‘I have no more questions’ mode rather than publishing very often but without any valuable insights.



Summary (aka TL;DR)

Follow these steps to get more organic traffic to your site:

  • master on page and technical SEO
  • get quality backlinks in the first months after your site has been launched
  • publish unique evergreen content
  • share expert articles in your niche

If you are visible at Google and get hits you increase awareness of your business among your potential clients. Then you are likely to get first valuable leads and increase your sales. From this point there is a very long way ahead of you but once you get first conversions, you are on a highway to build another 6-figures online business.

Disclaimer: all of these are ‘DIY’ methods that you should either focus on working with web developers who prepare a website for you or you can use them all by yourself. However if you are serious about your search presence I recommend cooperation with SEO professionalists who will help you achieve best results.

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