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How do we approach photoshoots?

30th January 2020

Launching your business with a strong visual content is the single most important thing you can do for the success of your new business.

Did you know that people processes images 60,000 times faster than text? Almost 70% of consumer decisions to buy is based on how much they like visual content shown on the company’s website. With outstanding visual content you can attract your target market, build a loyal following and stand out against your competition; and to do all this you need to be ready to invest time, energy and money in equal measure.

However, understandably, investing in a massive photoshoot when you have little budget to start with doesn’t come without hesitation.

How do you know you’ve found the right photographer? What if you don’t like the end result? What if it’s the most awkward moment of your life when you’re trying to diplomatically tell the photographer for the 1000th time that the visuals make you want to cry?

Yep, we hear you…

Here at EightySix Studios, we try to be as transparent as possible throughout the entire process.

Creating your business can be emotional, getting the right visual content can be stressful. However having the right content on your website and social media channels will help you create voice of your company that generates the leads and converts them into sales. In order to emotionally connect to your audience, you need to know who you are targeting it to. This is where discovery and strategy comes in; this is the most crucial part for us to understand, how we should approach photoshoot for your business.

The discovery process contains all the yummy stuff that will help us to better understand you and your business – things like, in depth questionnaires, visual exploration, mood boards, inspiration and much more. By the end of the discovery process you will fully understand who you’re targeting to and how to visually attract them.


Once we have completed all the sticky stuff, we begin to plan your visuals. We do this by gathering all the previous information and from this we begin to research potential directions to take. Location scouting.

We are strong believers of the 1 concept approach. Our reason for this is that by the time we start the visual exploration, we already know you and your business inside out, we know what you love, what you don’t love and most importantly, what your audience will love.

From this we are confident in which direction to take and instead of using precious time exploring further routes, we use the extra time to really explore the chosen concept, finesse it and perfect it before presenting it to you.


Working together is a collaboration between the photographer and the client. Throughout the process you are encouraged to provide feedback. We will be showing you some of the images we create during the shoot to make sure you are fully satisfied.

Your company/brand is a reflection of you. It’s crucial you are involved as much as possible throughout the project in order to create visuals that are completely authentic to you and your business.

At the end of the process you are handed over all final files in digital, you are given a helpful guide so that you know exactly what to do with all your goodies, and we have another phone call to chat through any questions leaving you feeling empowered and confident with your business.

Finally, it’s never goodbye because we are always there cheering you on from the side lines. A big part of our business is to help brands with purpose and independent minded businesses to succeed and grow, it’s our passion to ensure that your business is a big success, and for that reason, this is much more than a job to us, it’s our purpose in life and we want to do all we can to help you to make a positive lasting change.

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