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Imagine if you could take photos of your children that …

17th April 2020

I’m not a parent myself, so my lockdown is basically about making coffee, eating biscuits, searching what to play on Netflix, and finding a new ways of experimenting with my camera. Don’t get me started on Youtube as I spent countless hours watching photography tutorials… Completely loosing the plot of how many days it has been since the lockdown. I’m also not a person who would dwell on things that I cannot change, so I’m taking these times as an opportunity to learn, do, be lazy and get better at things that make me happy.

Yesterday during ‘ Clap for NHS’ time I had a conversation (at safe distance) with my neighbour and she is a mum of two (2 and 3,5 years old) She told me that she is running out of the ideas of entertainment for her kids , and that they are growing way too fast, and it is such a shame she doesn’t know how to use their camera to take a better photos of their kids, and it was the moment of realisation for me. I can help her with that!!! I can help many parents with that, so they can take documentaries photos of their kids during lockdown.

So I spent whole  today creating a series of emails with tips and advice about how to capturing your children. I decided to share my knowledge with you photography lovers and parents to help you take more photos of kids more authentically without the added effort.

What you need to do in order to receive these emails is very simple – you just need to sign in to our Newsletter (at the bottom of our website https://eightysixstudios.co.uk/)  and from Monday you will receive one email per day during the next week with tips :

How to have your camera settings right?

How to pose your kids?

How to use the light in your house?

How to shoot outside in your garden?

and many more 😀

Have a great day!

Dominika x


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